Limousines for Advertising and Shoots

Discover our limousine service for advertising and shoots! If you need the elegance of a high-end vehicle, we have exclusive limousines for all kinds of events throughout Catalonia. At Limusinas Gaudí we have what you need, get to know us!
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Advertising Shoots

Our high-end limousines are perfect for developing all kinds of audiovisual projects. The idea is to convey the message in the best possible way through the recreation of a specific environment. We have a large fleet of limousines in Barcelona to adapt to everything you need.

Limousines for Television, Cinema or Series

Nowadays it is very common to have limousines for television and for filming movies and series. These vehicles are synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, and they often feature in many scenes, showing popular and famous characters on board. We are experts in offering limousine rental for advertising and shoots with a serious and professional service.

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Limousines in the Media

It’s an original and fun way to go to a TV show or to make a commercial. Limousines are synonymous with elegance and are suitable for many things. In fact, it is common to find them in different media, whether it’s press, television or the internet.

Collaboration with Streamers, Influencers and Content Creators

Advertising in Print Media

Limousine for Music Video Clips

Advertise your Brand in a Limousine

Advertisement Recording

Appearance in TV Shows

Filming of Series and Films

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