Jeep Limousine

The only Jeep Wrangler Limousine in all of Spain. Don’t miss the opportunity to have an experience for your event in an exclusive and unique limousine throughout Spain. There is no other Jeep limousine like the one at Limusinas Gaudí.

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Jeep rental price

Complimentary open bar included: 2 bottles of cava, 1 bottle of vodka, 1 bottle of whiskey, soft drinks, water and sweets.

  • 1 hour - 200€
  • 1,5 hours - 225€
  • 2 hours - 275€

Unique limousine in Spain

Limusina Jeep
limusina jeep en alquiler
jeep alquiler limusina - Ir a limusina Jeep
limusina jeep barcelona

Spectacular and impressive as they come. An imposing vehicle that perfectly meets the most demanding customer’s expectations. A very exclusive limousine unique throughout the Spanish territory. Our Jeep Wrangler in Barcelona is characterized by luxurious interiors offering multiple services to make your journey more comfortable and pleasant. It has countless details to make the journey as perfect and imagined on many occasions.

The most exclusive limo for any event
Alquiler limusina jeep

You will be the centre of attention of all eyes

The preferred limousine for hen parties and stag parties.

Not all vehicles in this category are so unique and special. Having such a luxurious and elegant limousine as the Jeep, in Barcelona, and at such affordable limousine prices makes few able to resist the temptation to feel like real kings and queens inside it.

Its interior is tremendously impressive as it offers its occupants a wide range of services and whims. A total display of glamour and luxury at your disposal.

Alquiler limusina Jeep - Ir a limusina Jeep

Jeep Wrangler Limousines for events in Barcelona

If we have to describe this marvel of technology and passenger circulation, it could be described as a little piece of paradise on earth. This fantastic limousine for rent has a capacity for groups of up to 10 people.

Above all, comfort and comfort are paramount to ensure that customers have the feeling of constantly floating.

Thanks to its wide armchairs made of soft leather and elegant LED lights that create a warm and cosy atmosphere at all times during the journey.

Among the services that the Jeep can offer are three plasma screens to watch whatever you prefer always with extreme quality and if you need or require it also has an iPhone connection.

Alquiler limusina Jeep - Ir a limusina Jeep

Services included in this limo

Enjoy a limousine ride with a complete bar furniture service that, as a courtesy, offers 2 bottles of cava and soft drinks during the ride. But this bar has a varied assortment of all kinds of drinks and snacks. If you can’t find what you like, don’t hesitate to ask for it and it will be served without delay.

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